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All pedicures include trimming and shaping of the nail and cleaning up of the cuticle area.

Classic pedicure - includes soapy foot bath, exfoliation, callus reduction, polish, and an essential oil massage.   


Polish free pedicure - includes a Classic pedicure but without polish application, great for men!   


Shellac no-chip pedicure - includes a Classic pedicure with a high-shine Shellac finish. 


Extra TLC pedicure - for those feet that may need more care than a classic pedicure allows, ideal for senior citizen feet.

Starts at $68

Onyfix Toenail and Ingrown Nail Correction - starts at $55

An extra charge may be added to any pedicure if the nails are excessively long, thick, or difficult to trim.

Toenail repair/reconstruction 

Starts at $7

Pedicures: Services
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