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About Onyfix

Helps correct ingrown toenails, relieve ingrown toenail pain, and repairs cracked or split nails. 

The Onyfix nail correction system is an innovative product that offers completely painless toenail growth correction to fix almost all forms of involuted and toenails that tend to become ingrown. It can also be used to help repair cracked nails and those that have become lifted from the nail bed.

German developed Onyfix is a Class 1 Medical Device that is applied to the nail at its widest part. As your nail grows, it will retrain your nail to grow back into a natural position and shape. The process takes several months, but is completely pain free during application and while wearing the Onyfix band. Instant relief can be achieved without having to resort to nail surgery, and it is suitable for adults, children, and diabetics. When booking online, the time allotted is for 1-2 bands. If you feel you may need more than 2, please book 2 separate appointments, or contact me directly.

To schedule your Onyfix nail correction application, click HERE,  call, text, or email me.


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