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Suitable for Diabetics

Nail Tincture is an odorless formula with an easy to use pin-point spray to penetrate the skin around the nail and effectively get the product under the affected nail(s) to eliminate fungus. Safe to use on toenails and fingernails. Spiraleen is the active anti-microbial agent. Panthenol and Avocado Oil help to transform unsightly, discolored toenails to their optimum health. Can also be used on athlete's foot. 


For Best Results: Spray a small amount to the affected nails twice daily, every day. Use enough to wet under and around the nail. Patience and diligence is key! It may take several weeks or months to see results. Some people have noticed the affected area turning darker before much improvement is noticed. Allow to dry.

Footlogix Anti-Fungal Toenail Tincture

  • This product will also help with nails that have become detached from the nail bed due to a fungal infection or some form of trauma. 

    Be sure to spray the tincture UNDER the toenail as well as around the nail and on top of the nail, especially when wearing polish. 

    Apply twice daily, and please understand that it may take several months for complete results. It takes 12-18 months for an entire toenail to grow out, so it may take this long to see a completely clear nail when using this product. DO NOT SKIP A DAY OF SPRAY.


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